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Liesbet heeft naast talloze singels en een EP twee CD's uitgebracht, beide gericht op chakra healing (het in balans brengen van de energie centra in je lichaam):

Chakra Medicine (2019)

Chakra Balance (2023)

De muziek is ontspannend en meditatief, gespeeld vanuit het hart.

We maken een reis door de 7 hoofdchakra's met verschillende Native Flutes, elk resonerend met een bepaalde chakra. Deze CD helpt je te relaxen en weer in balans te komen, op de betoverende klanken van de Native Flute.

Beide albums zijn te streamen op alle grote streaming services en te downloaden op iTunes en Bandcamb, maar wil je graag een fysieke CD of een mp3 download, laat dan hier een berichtje achter:


De muziek van Liesbet Leroy is beschikbaar voor streaming op alle streaming services zoals Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, etc. Downloaden kan via  Bandcamp en iTunes.

Liesbet Leroy op Spotify:
Liesbet Leroy op Bandcamp:
Liesbet Leroy op Apple Music:
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Liesbet has won several international awards with her music:


  • Winner of the Healing Flute Award, Native American Style Flute Awards (NASFA Honors)


  • Winner Best Flute Video Production: “Wolf Moon” (Native American Flute Musicians FB)


  • Winner Best Flute song of 2022: “White Raven” (One World Music Radio - OWMR)

  • Silver Medal for Best Single for April 2023: “Sacred Voices” (One World Music Radio - OWMR)

  • Winner of the Chrissie Sheppard Award for Best Album for September 2023: Album "Chakra Balance" (OWMR)

  • Winner of Best Single for October 2023: "Dreams of Hirayoshi" (One World Music Radio - OWMR)



  • Nomination Best Flute Song of 2021: “Dance of the Dragonflies” (One World Music Radio- OWMR)


  • Nomination for Best Single for June 2023: “Power of the Sun” (One World Music Radio - OWMR)

  • Nomination for Best Single for July 2023: "Cosmic Energy" (One World Music Radio - OWMR)


Enkele voorbeelden. Meer vind je hier op Youtube:

  • YouTube

It is rare that I come across an album whose subject matter is something that I have specialized in, but next year (2024) will celebrate my 20th year as a Reiki Master Teacher, and Chakras follow Reiki, like a glove is designed for a hand. For those of you that are unaware what Chakras are, they are the energy centres of your body that some traditions and sources believe to regulate your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. According to these beliefs, there are seven main chakras, each corresponding to a different element and aspect of your being. So let’s take a look at the new Liesbet Leroy album Chakra Balance.

With that being said, we start as indeed we should at the base of everything, the Tree of Life (Root Chakra). Liesbet Leroy is one of the finest flute performers of her day, her level of sensitivity and artistic touch are beautifully balanced. On this deep foundation of a track she uses a Native drone flute in the key of C, this simply delicious opening piece truly does manifest a solid foundation for the journey ahead. In the background you will also hear a Buffalo hide Shaman drum, (I have one too) and a running stream, the stream enables us to flow from and to each Chakra.

Gentle Tides (Sacral Chakra) takes me back in time to the early part of this century, when I would meditate each day on my chakras, the piece also resonates with me through the musical manifestation of the Nada Tarangini, used by David Hykes and his harmonic choir back in the mid-80s, this is a harmonic stringed instrument that gives forth a lush eastern styled sound.

This piece raises the Chakra bar by one notch and Liesbet’s fluent performance bathes us in the light of the sacrum, a location that guides us through the whirlpool of emotions and teaches us to go with the flow of life. Her presentation on a Native Flute in D is deep, yet uplifting, pulling us with care up from the root, and into the flow of life.

The gentle natural sounds of this next piece is our grounding point, while the powerful Cello and Native Flute in the key of E create a wonderfully bright juxtaposition on the track, Power of the Sun (Solar Plexus Chakra). This is one of the most powerful and deeply moving offerings from the album, and this is a chakra where one can literally touch the energy of their own power and self-confidence. This performance from the artist has a depth within that is so vast and empowering, one cannot help but be attracted to it and all that it offers.


Once more up the scale we go to One Heart (Heart Chakra), the resonance is higher here, and an area that teaches us the importance of self-love and the truthful importance, to only trust those who would love you unconditionally. Liesbet uses an unusual instrumentation here, by playing a special Aeolian tuned alternating Native drone flute and a Native bass flute, both in F. The outcome is some of the most meditative flute I have heard for ages and at times reminded me of the work of Deuter and his legendary Buddha Nature album.

We climb this colourful spectrum of the Chakras by visiting a vortex of energy that I, as a radio presenter, must always keep clear, in Sacred Voices (Throat Chakra). This energy centre is all about maintaining the ability to speak your truth and speaking what is true, clear, and your honest opinion spoken with sincerity. Here is a pristine piece that upon the natural sounds of the wind carries the tones of a Native bass Flute in the key of G, this wonderfully organic and indigenous offering literally transports us into a whole new realm of communicative existence.

The grounding sounds of nature bathe us in the beauty of the moment as we transcend to the high plain of existence known as Inner Vision (Third Eye Chakra), we also hear for the first time a handpan drum, the hypnotic energies of this instrument combined with the returning Cello, gift us a glorious offering that illustrates our journey of the inner self, and what is also now our foresight or intuition. Liesbet’s ancient pueblo style flute in the key of A, draws a light and delicate narrative, one where we can be grounded in nature, but give in totally to the moment, allowing our senses to truly know which path to take us onwards.

The last manifestation is of course the Cosmic Energy (Crown Chakra), here is an all-encompassing composition that allows us to connect with our higher self, the us that knows, the us that is part of the whole. Here Liesbet uses a very long and special Mojave 6 bass drone flute in (B/E) made by the late Stephen deRuby, a man who I remember for his Sacred Spaces album back in 2004. This is a perfect concluding offering; a deep resonance can be found here, one that truly allows the tor of all we are to come into view. Here one can feel the respect, gratitude and honesty flow from the flute of the artist, in what could well be, the most emotive arrangement from the album.

Liesbet once said “I started playing the Native Flute in 2014. Playing it is like meditating to me. It has changed my life and brought me a lot of peace and relaxation”, after listening to this album I would like to personally echo that statement as well.

This is one of the finest, real and most relevant Chakra albums I have heard since the turn of the century; trust me I have heard and reviewed many in my years, but Chakra Balance by Liesbet Leroy is created by a person who simply gave herself to the moment and went with the flow. This is one of the most sublime meditative performances I have heard for ages, and as such should be held up as an honest and uplifting album that should be recommended listening for anyone interested in the art of meditation or chakra balancing fields, here is an album that is going to be loved by all those who listen.

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